Parafia pw. św. Antoniego Padewskiego w Lublinie
Adoracja Najświętszego Sakramentu
Całodzienna adoracja Najświętszego Sakramentu w Naszej Parafii. Przyjdź! Jezus czeka na Ciebie!

The parish staff

Preparations to World Youth Day in our parish started in March 2015. The parish staff was organised as the result of priest Stanisław Róg’s initiative. Priest Mariusz Salach became our spiritual counsellor. Currently, the main staff is created by about 10 members of different age, belonging to different parish’s organisations, who want to spread the idea of WYD with the help of their will and commitment. They also want to prepare our whole parish for pilgrims’ arrival. The leader of the group is Iwona Strojek, who coordinates the preparations with Michał Stefanek and Kamil Drozdek and is constantly in contact with the diocesal WYD organisational committee. All the activities are divided among the members of various sections (each of which has a coordinator and volunteers):

   Accommodation section

The main aim of this section is to provide the accommodation for all the young people from abroad. The person who is in the charge of this group has to find the people who would want to guest the pilgrims in their houses and prepare them for that occasion. The coordinator of this section is Jan Braun.

   Alimentation section

This section cares about pilgrims’ proper alimentation – this aim means also contact with the potential sponsors or food donors. Members of this group are responsible for the logistics and the expenditure of the meals in July 2016. The coordinator of alimentation section is Mr Andrzej Kuźmicz.

   Media section

Marketing and advertising – these are two most important things for this group, which are realised not only by promoting our parish on the outside (f.e. on the Internet pages), but also among all the parishioners. The media section organises also informational events, during which the idea of WYD and the actual balance of preparations in the parish are presented. Ada Surdacka and Beata Wypych are the leaders here.

   Section of volunteers’ coordination
The concept of this section was to find all the people who would like to join the WYD preparations in the parish, form them spiritually for the pilgrims’ arrival and, later, for the meeting with the Holy Father in Cracow. Within the scope of this section’s activity some informational lessons for pupils or parish organisations were carried out.
The coordinator in here is Iwona Strojek.

   Schedule section

The aim of this sector is to plan the residence for the pilgirms in our parish ­­­– especially to organise the recreational and turistical part – and to care about the realisation of the whole plan. Members of this section are to search for some interesting places in Lublin, organise trips, games and intergrating events for both guests and parishioners. Ilona Gajowiak is the one responsible for these tasks.

   Liturgy&Music section

These youngters answer for all the activities connected with preparations of liturgy and music for the WYD celebrations in the parish. Their task is i.a. organisation of vigils and Holy Masses, which intention is to spend well the blessed time of WYD, spiritual formation of all the people (and also the whole parish) who are going to take an active part in WYD organisation and supporting the whole project with prayers, chiefly thanks to the cooperation with different groups in the parish. Maksymilian Kuźmicz is the leader of this section.

Translation section

People who could help as interpreters during the visit of our beloved pilgrims from abroad – these are the ones for whom our section constantly searches! This section’s tasks contain also translating all the texts, correspondence and documents important for WYD organisation and contacting with foreign pilgrims groups’ leaders. Anna Pietroń is in the charge of all this stuff.

   “Get to Cracow” section

Here is where we plan the participation of our parishioners in WYD celebrations in Cracow – that means organising and registering the group, finding some transport and caring about the whole venture from the logistic/technical site. The coordinator of this part is ks. Paweł Zdybel.

   Financial section

This section (no wonder :) ) is responsible for all the financial questions connected with organisation of WYD in our parish. The main goal is to find some sources of finance for all the preparations, i.a. by looking for potential sponsors and donors. We are still searching for the leader for this group!


If you want to join any section and help us to prepare our parish for WYD, we cordially invite you to cooperate with us!
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   7.00, 9,00, 10.30,
   12.00, 18.00

Dzień powszedni
   7.00, 7.30, 18.00

Najświętszego Sakramentu

   pn-pt, 8.00-18.00

do NMP Nieustającej Pomocy

   środa, 17.45

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